ALMOST HONEST ‘Thunder Mouth’ Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

From The Keystone State of Pennsylvania comes Almost Honest and the crunchy thickness of their “Thunder Mouth” release.  

Dropped on the masses back in late May, the ten-song album hits with the impact of a hook from a heavyweight brawler.  Thanks to Shayne Reed (Vocals, Guitar), Seth Jackson (Bass), Quinten Spangler (Drums) and Zach Keiffer (Lead Guitar), this quartet are using a trick bag of multiple musical genres.

Brandishing an undeniably metallic approach to delivering a style of stoner-infused sludge, post-hardcore and plain ol’ heavy ass rock, Almost Honest cannot be taken lightly.  There’s a clear cut uniqueness to their music also, call it quirky or off-kilter, whatever, but it’s aurally tongue in cheek.

Songs like “Cannibal Cowboy” or “Appalachian Sasquatch” are bolted into place with granite heavy riffs and rutted rhythms.  Punchy drums and raucous vocals round out things in a way that fans of bands like Scissorfight, The Heavils or early Clutch will definitely relate to.

Other cuts play up a caustic bluesiness in their content, ones like the hilarious “Horoscope” (the lyrics are a hoot!), “Grandfather Frost” or “Ghost In Flames” are lethally infectious.  You cannot help but appreciate the dense fuzz of their sludgish funk.  It definitely goes without saying but you’re not going to mistake any other band for being Almost Honest, that’s for damn sure.

So c’mon and take a bite outta “Thunder Mouth” right now via the Bandcamp embedded stream of it below. You aren’t going to hear anything else as unique as this anytime soon, I guarantee you that.

Thunder Mouth” is out NOW! EU. fans can purchase it here from Ozium Records or from Bandcamp here.

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