RIFF RELEVANT Presents: EMBER ‘271’ EP In-Studio Recording Visual Series

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

This promotional announcement is the realization of a project I have wanted to do for several years.  It pre-dates my joining on during the launch of Riff Relevant, but it is here it shall come to be.  As the title and image suggests, Riff Relevant has partnered with Birmingham, Alabama’s Ember to bring you on an intriguing journey. 

That journey will take us all – this site, the band, our readers, their fans, etc. – down the rabbit hole for the recording process of Ember‘s next release.  That release will be their eventual “271” EP for Doomsayer Records.

The new EP will be the follow-up to their critically acclaimed ‘261′ EP and we will be there to see it materialize.  Ember is allowing Riff Relevant into the studio, in this case Ledbelly Sound Studio in Lilburn, GA., to observe the process of how an album is laid down.

Many music fans have never been into a recording studio, let alone know what steps and undertakings are necessary to record such music itself.  Our video docuseries will change that!

Beginning the first week of September, “Riff Relevant Presents: Ember ‘271’ EP In-Studio Recording Visual Series” will launch.  We’ll have fly-on-the-wall access to watch segments of the band’s recording activities.

We’ll present two episode pieces per week (for three weeks total), where we will join vocalist Crystal Bigelow, bassist Jeremy Allen, as well as Ember‘s NEW guitarist Craig Shadix, and drummer Eric Bigelow.  Everyone will be guided by recording engineer Matt Washburn (who’s also mixing and mastering), and see how it’s done!

Join us next Friday (August 25th) for the Ember271” EP artwork and track list reveal!  We will deliver a breakdown of the EP itself in the reveal, which will get us all on the starting line.  Then we’ll be set to embark with the band the following week on the actual visual trek into the studio itself.

You do not want to miss this series, I assure you!  Sure, some of you may be in bands and have been in the studio, maybe it isn’t a big deal for you. However, for many people and many other bands, they have never explored the recording process itself…

Riff Relevant Presents: Ember “271” EP In-Studio Recording Visual Series will remedy that!

Be Here!!!

Visit the Ember Facebook page and website for more information and further updates.

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