WILDERNESS DREAM ‘Paralysis Rise’ Album Review

wilderness dreams

Article By: Brian Halsey ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Have you ever gone to a show to see a band you love, but you get there a little too early and something crazy happens?

And by crazy I mean, the lights go down, there’s a ton of feedback, and then all of a sudden the local kids are flying through the air, spin kicking the shit out each other like it’s some kind of goddamn ninja convention.

Bodies are being launched, elbows are recklessly thrown, there’s a lot of high-fiving, and at the center of it all is a band like WILDERNESS DREAM. The set is short, sweet, you’re pretty sure a few people actually died, and when it’s all over you’re reminded why you love coming to shows.

Paralysis Rise’ was recorded in the early Spring of 2017, with Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, California. Seven tracks of metal, thrash, hardcore, punk, and violence. As per their label, Creator Destructor Records says on their Bandcamp page, WILDERNESS DREAM have eliminated most remaining melody and lingering punk influences and replaced them with a doubled-down violent dose of dissonant, razor-sharp riffs and unpredictable, chaotic song structures.”  

I need to get this straight… these guys in Wilderness Dream are eliminating melody, so they can amp up the carnage? Lemme grab my new Marshawn Lynch jersey and stomp to the center of the circle pit to throw some fists. Over on the East Coast, this gets labeled as Beatdown Hardcore, because we’re smart and we have Princeton University and shit.

‘Paralysis Rise’ – Tracklist:

01. Venom
02. Ghosts
03. The Awakening
04. Spiritual Predator
05. The Lie
06. No Light
07. The Observer

In reality, it doesn’t matter what you call it, ‘Paralysis Rise’ is fast, heavy, angry, music. Ben Murray and Ryan Hansen lead in a dual attack, both playing guitar and raging on vocals. Trey Derbes kills the drums and Bret Fontaine anchors this ship down with heavy bass.

WILDERNESS DREAMfrom Oakland, California, is like Steph Curry pulling a three-pointer from half-court. ‘Paralysis Rise’ is like Kobe freezing out his teammates and dropping 80+ in a game. This band is like Todd Marinovich saying, ‘Fuck my million dollar football contract, I’m gonna surf naked with some Great White sharks.’

You know the deal with bands like this:  You go see them live, you buy their t-shirt, and you don’t show any fear. It’s way more dangerous to stand still than it is to get in there and drop somebody.  



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