OL’ TIME MOONSHINE ‘The Apocalypse Trilogies’ Album Review & Stream; Set to Play Descendants Of Crom Fest

(By Brian Halsey, Staff Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Ol’ Time Moonshine is a doom / metal / rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who also had the balls to list old school WWF wrestling as one of their primary influences.   Challenge accepted boys, I know exactly what you need me to do…  

Ol’ Time Moonshine’s ‘The Apocalypse Trilogies’ is a head nodding, chug along, masterpiece.  The album was produced by Bill Kole (their vocalist and guitarist, and also the artist behind the Riff Relevant logo!), was engineered and recorded by Dave Draper at Boa Studios, NOMOS and Last Door on the Left Studios, with additional engineering from Spencer LeVon (track 7).  Mixing and mastering was done by Ron Roy at Threshold Sound.

If you like heavy music that was meant to be played at loud volumes, crank it up and picture this: Black Sabbath, Scissorfight, Clutch, Danzig and Crowbar are all involved in an old school royal rumble.  

Then out of nowhere,  Hacksaw Jim Duggan rampages his way down to the ring with an American flag and a 2’X4′.  He’s beating the shit out of everyone and there is no mercy, until Hulk Hogan enters the fracas to leg drop Ozzy’s lifeless body into further despair.  “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka flies off the top ropes and body checks everyone to the ground, while Ric Flair is screaming ‘WOOOO!’ at the top of his lungs.  

You think it can’t get any worse, until the Ultimate Warrior joins the mayhem and starts gorilla pressing all comers out of the squared circle left and right.  The Undertaker choke slams Mankind onto a pile of broken glass.  Legion of Doom and Demolition are bashing on each other with cool-looking spiked armor.  “Macho Man” Randy Savage is eating a Slim Jim and elbow dropping that dickhead, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.  

All hell officially breaks loose when Jake “The Snake” Roberts comes into the ring with a python and a king cobra.  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin doesn’t give a shit, because he just rammed a Budweiser truck into the ring.  He’s getting drunk with the cobra and handing out stunners and middle fingers to every single legend still alive.

When the smoke clears and the blood dries, only Ol’ Time Moonshine is left standing.  They are riffing heavy and jamming nonstop, while everyone in the crowd is drinking from a mason jar.  Bret “The Hitman” Hart is rocking an unnecessary amount of spandex and leather at the same time, but he’s Canadian royalty, so he has to be there.

Bill Kole (vocals, guitar, synth), Chris Coleiro (guitar), John Kendrick (bass), and Brett Savory (Drums) have cultivated a beautiful formula for tightly rolled stoner / doom jams.  You can’t pick a favorite song off a nug like this, every track is awesome, but ‘Wizard Dust’ and ‘Forced Reentry’ stand out as monsters among giants.  

If you’re looking for an album that rocks a lot like Down and Black Sabbath, check out Ol’ Time Moonshine.  Recently signed on with Salt Of The Earth Records, the album is available to buy in the U.S. and all lands outside Canada on CD via SOTE webstore.  For Canada orders, as well as all Digital Download orders, visit the band’s Bandcamp page.

Drink some corn whiskey and invite your friends over for a night of backyard wrestling.  Don’t try any moves that could break someone’s spine and make sure you have the right tunes:

‘The Apocalypse Trilogies’ – Track List:

1. I: Spacewolf
2. Lycanthroposphere
3. Back to Zero
4. Forced Reentry
5. II: Tales of the Blind Seer
6. Raven vs Hawk
7. Queen of Sorrows
8. Lady of Light
9. III: Wizards of War
10. Wizard Dust
11. ..And Magick
12. The Elusive Truth

Ol’ Time Moonshine is also gearing up to cross the borders and play the Descendants Of Crom Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the end of this month.  Check out the promo video for this event below.

Set for Saturday, September 30th, this promises to be one hell of an inaugural event in the Steel City.  Seventeen bands in twelve hours to crush all enemies! Holy Swords! Raffles, prizes, drinking, friends, family, METAL, ROCK, SLUDGE! Come see Ol’ Time Moonshine live, along with sixteen other heavy music bands.

Find our prior announcement here, and all ticket information here.

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