RR Presents: EMBER ‘271’ EP Visual Series Episode 2 [Video]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

We have arrived at our second insightful glimpse into Ledbelly Sound Studio as our audio-heavy heroes from Birmingham, AL. continue to record. Ember, aka guitarist Craig Shadix, drummer Erik Bigelow, vocalist Crystal Bigelow, and bassist Jeremy Allen, continue to bring their “271” EP to life.

Set for release through Doomsayer Records this Fall 2017, we are along for the ride via the all-seeing electric eye as the music manifests. Viewers see more of the actual studio process of the band at work under the directive auspices of Matt Washburn. In those series of events, the power of the riff itself guides the narrative as you experience the birth pangs of doom itself.

Yet once that partial metamorphosis takes place, we get to see some of the rustic tranquility that Ledbelly Sound Studio and its surroundings provide for its client’s wind-down time too. Beyond that, our fearless foursome reveals more of the glitzy rock n’ roll-on-the-road lifestyle. It comes as a cautionary revelation of what things may lurk within the four walls of sketchy accommodations that shall remain nameless.

One of Episode 2‘s best highlights is Crystal herself unfurling the intriguing tale behind the lyrical inspiration for “Eye Of The Dawn“. It is, of course, one of the three tracks to comprise ‘271′ (as recently revealed here) and it has a direct connection to the EP’s artwork as well.

So, this is where we are in our ongoing optical intrusion into Ember‘s current undertakings. Now, partake of the sights and sounds of the Ember ‘271’ EP Recording In-Studio Visual Series; Episode 2* Video below, and then join us next time for Part 3!

Episode 2* “Day 2” Video:

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