THE DISCUSSION Shares New EP & EU Tour Dates

The Discussion

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Back in 2015, one of the underground music community’s more popular bands, Savannah, GA.’s Kylesa, announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus. People everywhere were saddened by the news and were unsure what the future might hold for the band itself and its’ membership.

Well, one of those uncertainties has now been answered as guitarist and vocalist Laura Pleasants is focusing on a new project called The Discussion. As of now, you can hear the group’s recent self-released five-song EP via Bandcamp below.

The band will be touring across Europe this fall. Come discover the new band described as “post-punk, goth, alternative rock, psychedelic” and see if you like it. 300 CDs will be pressed for the European tour. All are hand-numbered on the back cover.

After a year of composing and recording demos of new music, Pleasants hooked up with a local drummer and musician named Richard Adams from Dallas, Texas. Adams came to Savannah to attend SCAD where he studied sound. He received his BFA in 2015 and his MFA in sound design in June of this year. Pleasants saw him perform with a short-lived Savannah outfit named Saint Corsair where she noted his solid drum style with Keith Moon-like fills. She immediately approached him about the possibility of starting something on the local level. The two began playing together off and on and quickly developed a friendship both professional and personal.

The Discussion
The two decided to form a band, record demos over the summer, and recruit a bass player for their tour of Europe in the Fall of 2017. Pleasants called on Derek Lynch, a local guitar player and NASA engineer, to play bass in the project.

Born in Savannah, Lynch played guitar in many bands, most notably A Girl, A Gun, A Ghost (early 2000s Ferret Records), and more recently Crazy Bag Lady who were signed to Kylesa‘s record label Retro Futurist.

The new EP is, in fact, an introduction to The Discussion in some ways. It is meant to acquaint listeners with the band on an upcoming European touring jaunt.


The Discussion EU Tour 2017:

Sep. 10 – Copenhagen, DK @ Beta
Sep. 11 – Berlin, DE @ Tiefgrund
Sep. 12 – Leipzig, DE @ AKKO
Sep. 13 – TBC
Sep. 14 – Vienna, AT @ Das Bach
Sep. 16 – Budapest, HU
Sep. 17 – Belgrade, RS
Sep. 21 – Sofia, BG
Sep. 22 – Thessaloniki, I Greece
Sep. 23 – Athens Greece
Sep. 24 – Ioannina Greece
Sep. 28 – Oct. 07 – ITALY TBA
Oct. 08 – Lyon, FR
Oct. 10 – Barcelona, ES TBC
Oct. 11 – Castellón, ES
Oct. 12 – Madrid TBC
Oct. 13 – Langreo, Asturias, ES
Oct. 14 – Bilbao, ES TBC
Oct. 17 – Paris, FR TBC
Oct. 19 – UK TBC
Oct. 20 – UK TBC
Oct. 21 – UK TBC
Oct. 22 – UK Stonehenge
Oct. 24 – Ghent or Antwerp, BE TBC
Oct. 25 – Amsterdam, NL TBC
Oct. 26 – NL TBC
Oct. 27 – NL TBC
Oct. 28 – Belgium or Germany TBC
Oct. 29 – Belgium or Germany TBC
Oct. 31 – Karlsruhe, DE Dudefest
Nov. 01 – Switzerland TBA
Nov. 02 – Munich TBC
Nov. 03 – Leanna’s b-day / off
Nov. 04 –  Southern Germany TBC

The Discussion EU tour

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