KULT MOGIŁ ‘Portentaque’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Poland’s relentlessly punishing death metal outfit Kult Mogił (whose name translates to “cult of graves”) is back with a new EP. ‘Portentaque‘ will be released by Pagan Records on September 29th and we are providing one of the very few full streams of the EP here.

The three tracks presented within this effort are damnable arrangements of unrepentant brutality. The corrosive, debilitating heaviness that is so stark, so savagely abrasive, that it evokes sheer terror at times. In the realm of extreme music, there is heavy as we know it… then there is HEAVY as Kult Mogił crafts it.

Delivered with an intentionally muddied sound quality at times, that soupy stew of riffing guitars churning out their blasphemous content is incessant. Add to that the Richter Scale-worthy rumbling bass lines and the two are a recipe for dense dissonance. But then there are two other elements to contend with and they cannot be taken lightly. How could they be?

First, the drum work on the ‘Portentaque‘ EP seems altogether inhuman. It is constantly at play, from furious blast beats into flurries of gravity-defying kit assaults. Second, the vocals. Oh man, the vocals range from grotesquely disfigured growls to spine-shivering shrieks. Within that spectrum between those, we also get horrific, pained cries also.

When all is said, slain, done, and disposed of with, Kult Mogił‘s ‘Portentaque‘ EP is a superbly delivered deluge of dark sonics. It is hellish, heaving forth some of the best bewildering death metal extremity to be experienced currently. Ordering info can be found below while the artwork was prepared by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal (fully presented within the vinyl version), and the layout is credited to Mentalporn.

Order now from Pagan Records at this location.

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