WARCALL Shares ‘Invaders’ Album Full Stream & EU Tour Dates

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Montreal’s weaponized music of mass destruction, aka Warcall, just issued their fourth studio album ‘Invaders‘ via Plan B Musique this past Friday, Oct. 13th. We are currently streaming the record for you now via Soundcloud, to coincide with its release.

Inspired by iconic acts like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead and Slayer, Warcall‘s music is fast, aggressive, melodic and dramatic. ‘Invaders‘ is a conceptual album that includes ten songs based on humans fighting back an alien invasion with a message of fighting oppression, resisting and hopefully re-establishing mankind’s dominance of planet Earth.

The songs are listed below and include a thematic synopsis of its’ underlying message. ‘Invaders‘ is available for purchase at this location.

Vocalist / guitarist Mathieu Simard comments:

“Everybody who has followed WarCall since our beginnings will be extremely satisfied with ‘Invaders’. It is our best sound, best production, best song writing and best musical performances. The new album is a return to the style on the first two albums. On album ‘III’, we wanted a raw approach so it was recorded live in the studio on analog tape for a truly rock and roll feel. With ‘Invaders’, it’s a more polished production with more energy and experience.”

Mission Commando” – The start of a war, how can we organize to defend and fight back, all the way, whatever the cost.
Riding With Zombies” – A song about the grueling life of touring. Plain and simple.
Bully Bastard” – A song about resistance, standing up for ourselves.
Mass Extinction” – When things get to a low point, sometimes you have to make difficult decisions.
The Man Who Suffers” – Men have a tendency to fight their own.
Fight Back” – Once regrouped, the charge is so strong that everything is possible. Are we willing to go until the end?
Black Panther” – Special units are a different kind of warriors and they are not for everyone.
Through the Dusk” – A special mission that has to be completed.
Para Belum” – Don’t fear destroying everything in order to rebuild everything.
Alien Forces” – The last battle, we prevail, but will they be back?

Warcall will be embarking on their third European tour not long after the record’s release. Here are those dates:

Invaders‘ European Tour:
Oct. 19 –  L’Excalibur – Reims, FR
Oct. 20 – Boyans Choppers – Troyes, FR
Oct. 21 – Nordpol – Schwelm, DE
Oct. 22 – La Legia – Liege, BE
Oct. 24 – Le Blogg – Lyon, FR
Oct. 25 – Elastic Bar – Strasbourg, FR
Oct. 27 – Rockberry Bar – Prague, CZ
Oct. 29 – No Man’s Land – Volmerange Les-Mines, FR

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