LORDS OF BEACON HOUSE & GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST ‘Wicked Ladies’ Split Review & Stream

Article By: Brian Halsey ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

I’m the type of dude who waits until the day after Halloween to buy Snickers bars in bulk. I know a good bargain when  I see it, and the Lords of Beacon House / Great Electric Quest – ‘Wicked Ladies’ (Split) release qualifies as the sweetest of deals.

Two bands, four songs, eighteen minutes, one filthy split EP from Glory or Death Records.

Lords of Beacon House floor it out of the gate with “Cadillac Daddy”; a fun, riffy, fast-moving tune. It’s worth noting that I learned to drive in my dad’s car, which was a used Cadillac, El Dorado. The song, much like the car, provides instant clarification of bad intentions.  

It’s like walking through the front door with a dusty pair of black boots and a banner that says, “I’m here to be the life of the party and there’s no fucking way I’m chipping in for beer.” 

The next song, “Spliff Ripper”, is as raunchy and smooth as that guy you know who only drinks Keystone Light. Loaded with fuzz and boasting equally tight guitar work, Lords of Beacon House cruise out their time in style before passing out and letting Great Electric Quest grab the wheel.

Murders in the Rue Morgue is only the type of song a band covers when they are specifically looking to show the size of their balls and the legitimacy of their chops. Are you fucking kidding me Great Electric Quest? You’re gonna open up with an Iron Maiden cover?  

Do yourself a favor and dig up those stone-washed jeans and white Reebok high tops, the ones you promised your girl you donated to Goodwill. They’re gonna be essential for the air guitar and fist-pumping that’s about to go down. The album’s closer is “Ruling This World, a groovy, doom jam that solidifies the split as an official rocker from start to finish.

The Lords of Beacon House / Great Electric Quest – ‘Wicked Ladies’ (Split) packs a tight, crisp punch of condensed, doomy, blues rock. There is no time for super-long soundscapes or massive build-ups on this EP. Both bands come out swinging hard and rip through their songs with grit and spirit.  These ladies are most certainly wicked and best enjoyed on full volume.

You can pre-order the digital download or a limited run CD (300 total) from the release page here on Glory or Death Records’ Bandcamp. The pre-order gives you one digital track now, with the rest of the songs made available on October 31, 2017.

Pro Tip:  Throw this ‘Wicked Ladies‘ Split on at your next bonfire and argue over who kills it more.


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