Exclusive: OBESE Premieres ‘Anamnesis’ Full Stream [Album Review]

Obese Band
Photo By Naomi Noltes
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Netherlands sludge heavyweights Obese are back with their sophomore album, ‘Anamnesis‘, dropping on October 20th via Argonauta Records. Riff Relevant is extremely excited to share the exclusive premiere full stream of the record today.

I am personally very excited about the new opus after the surprising introduction to the band that I received with their 2015 debut album, ‘Kali Yuga’. Now, Obese returns with yet another phenomenal amalgamation of stoner rock, doom, and blues and it is sure to leave a mark.

After all, much like a wound, scar, or injury, anamnesis itself is defined as “the recollection or remembrance of the past” but to be clear, Obese is definitely looking and moving forward with their latest record.

Obese has clearly established the fact that they are not at all apprehensive about exploring elements outside of the usual heavy rock norms. There were ample examples of this on the 2015 release and much like how history repeats itself, the band again pushes the envelope far outside the box of mediocrity here.

That undertaking begins right from the start of ‘Anamnesis’ with the introductory track, “Agony“, and what sounds like a horn section. It is soon accompanied by choppy drums and stammering rhythms that possess a subtle undercurrent of an organ or synth of some sort. The funk-infused number is soon chugging along as the raspy crooning belts outright in unison to the guitars.

Obese Anamnesis LP

From this starting line, Obese are soon guiding us through a maze of sludgy aggression (check out the Dunderhead” – video debut), frenzied grunge / alternative rock (“Anthropoid“), and speed-driven metallic punk rock (“Ymir“). Each new song opens an equally altogether new musical door, each inviting us to step within and experience the aural decor on display inside it.

There are intriguing tints of psychedelia at various points, too, but none more prevalent than that contained on “Mother Nurture“. The trippier, hazy lysergic-laden music of this cut’s verses has a lulling effect but doesn’t get too comfortable. That peaceful vibe is obliterated by the explosive choruses where doomy passages grab you by the throat… while the song’s own throat (i.e.; vocals) are delivered with gut-wrenched aggression.

That heavier style is taken on completely in the crushing, album-ending powerhouse, “Psychic Secretion“. This is unquestionably my favorite selection, a thundering onslaught of rising, then rescinding, sludge music. It is administered with heaving grooves that hold things grounded as the abrasive, hardcore-like vocals eviscerate your ear’s auditory canals.

It is a savage blow to end ‘Anamnesis‘ upon, one I believe is meant to keep you in remembrance of Obese‘s inherent heaviness. It is the delivery of a lesson learned, one that ultimately teaches that no matter how far the curriculum may expand at times, roots and origins still yet remain.

Order ‘Anamnesis‘ through the Argonauta Records webstore or via Bandcamp below.


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