Doom Unit GODTHRYYMM (Past/Present Vallenfyre, My Dying Bride, Solstice, Etc.) Share Demo Quality Cut From Debut

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Sites have recently been forewarning readers about the imminent arrival of Godthrymm, a new project with Hamish Glencross (Vallenfyre, ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Solstice) on vocals and guitar, Chaz Netherwood (ex-Solstice) on guitar, Shaun Taylor-Steels (My Dying Bride) on drums, and Rich Mumford (Malediction) on bass. 

Although originally recorded over the span of a weekend, this demo-quality version of “A Grand Reclamation“, is a more than sufficient introduction to the band.  It is unmastered, and, supposedly, a rough mix but says Glencross:

‘A Grand Reclamation’ is about Mother Earth awaking and purging herself of the infestation of mankind. As soon as we decided I was going to sing for this new band, these were the first lyrics I wrote. Chaz has written the other lyrics for the other songs we’ve got so far. Musically, it is a completely joint effort jammed out face to face in a cold scruffy rehearsal room full of gear. We feel this song is a suitable introduction to Godthrymm. We hope you appreciate it.”

Check it out and we will have further information about the band’s upcoming debut EP as soon as it is available.

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