THE MARYLAND DOOM FESTIVAL Reveals 2018 Lineup; Riff Relevant Announces Media Partnership

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor,

2017 has been a remarkable year for festival lineups (at least for me), event organizers in 2018 have their work cut out for them.  The Maryland Doom Fest has already revealed it’s initial (& full!) 2018 lineup, and Riff Relevant is a very proud sponsor for next year’s event!  Let’s find out more, shall we?

BOOM! The Maryland Doom Fest 2018!

No sense beating around the bush, the poster above is the full roster for all three days of Maryland Doom Fest, as of today.  Taking place once again at Cafe 611, in Frederick, Maryland, with next year’s Doom Fest happening June 22nd through 24th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  There are rumors of a pre-fest party, but this is unconfirmed as of yet.

Pat Riot & myself attended MD Doom Fest 2017 last June, sharing lots of info with you both before and after the event (check our past MD Doom Fest related articles here).  We still have some follow up articles coming about MD Doom Fest 2017, but have resisted the rest of the fun until now.  We want to tempt you with our 2017 memories because we want to see you at MD Doom Fest 2018!

Maryland Doom Fest 2018 edition will be the fourth since its inaugural event back in 2015.  This coming year brings another mind-blowing affair, featuring more than THIRTY acts from all across the United States over its three days.  The headliners include two legendary bands The Obsessed and Weedeater, as well as newer scene favorite Windhand.

MD Doom Fest partners JB Matson and Mark Cruikshank have succeeded year after year in satisfying nearly everyone’s heavy music listening leanings with their well-blended selection of bands, yet still establish a true balance of local Maryland regional heavy favorites, new up & comers, and national touring acts.  The 2017 events went off with nary a hitch – the sound, lighting, and back line gear was kept ever-ready by the amazing festival crew these two gentleman have working with them, & we expect no less for 2018.

Mark Cruikshank & JB Matson (Photo by Leanne)

Early Bird Tickets for the Maryland Doom Fest 2018 events go on sale December 17th. You can click here or on the ticket announcement flyer below.

We’ll have more details in the near future with a list of all available ticket links, and a full overview of all the bands on all the days, plus a complete spread of photos from the 2017 event performances. It’s much too much for one article!

In the meantime, we have the 2018 lineup of who’s playing and when… Aside from the headliner acts, the other bands are from all over tarnation, from East Coast, West Coast, North, South, and everywhere in between.  It’s insanity! Check out the list…


*FRIDAY 6/22/2018*
The Obsessed + 12:15a – 1:15a
ZED + 11:15p – 12:00a
Unorthodox + 10:20p – 11:00p
Thousand Vision Mist + 9:30p – 10:05p
Disenchanter + 8:40p – 9:15p
Lightning Born + 7:30p – 8:05p
Bailjack + 6:40p – 7:15p
Geezer + 5:50p – 6:25p
Horseburner + 5:00p – 5:35p

*SATURDAY 6/23/2018*
Windhand + 12:10a – 1:10a
Castle + 11:15p – 11:55p
Earthride + 10:20p – 11:00p
The Watchers + 9:30p – 10:05p
Cavern + 8:40p – 9:15p
Foghound + 7:50p – 8:25p
Switchblade Jesus + 7:00p – 7:35p
Las Cruces + 6:10p – 6:45p
Doomstress + 5:25p – 5:55p
Shadow Witch + 4:40p – 5:10p
Molasses Barge + 3:55p – 4:25p
Electropathic + 3:10p – 3:40p

*SUNDAY 6/24/2018*
Weedeater + 11:00p – 12:00a
The Midnight Ghost Train + 10:00p – 10:45p
Duel + 9:05p – 9:45p
Caustic Casanova + 8:15p – 8:50p
Backwoods Payback + 7:25p – 8:00p
Curse the Son + 6:35p – 7:10p
Hawkeyes + 5:45p – 6:20p
Book of Wyrms + 4:55p – 5:30p
Witchhelm + 4:10p – 4:40p
Bedowyn + 3:25p – 3:55p
Gateway to Hell + 2:40p – 3:10p


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