CENTRIPETAL FORCE ‘Eidetic’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Have you been hungering for a band to come along and take the whole notion of progressive thrash and throw it in an almost disjointing blender? Well, hunger no more!

Come feed on Italy’s Centripetal Force and their immensely metallic introduction, the ‘Eidetic‘ EP début! Although officially dropping through Xtreem Music on December 20th, we invite you to come to partake of an early, pre-release Soundcloud stream now!

Consisting of a trio of tracks, ‘Eidetic‘ contains fierce technicality delivered ala flurries of guitar gymnastics and oddly abstract drumming. They topped it off with higher register power metal vocals, reminiscent of Crimson Glory, Control Denied, or early Geoff Tate-era Queensrÿche.

Centripetal Force (guitarist Stefano Saroglia, drummer Andrea Carratta, vocalist John Knight) navigates a fine line between the melodic and the chaotic. The aspects of finely tuned precision in their music structuring are invigorating. Indulgent thrashing is met with pinpoint focus, albeit with a modicum of enough peculiarity to keep the listener invested and consumed.

Now is the time to devour ‘Eidetic‘ in the stream below while pre-order / purchase is available now here.

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