PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2018: First Tease of Confirmed Bands; Ticket Sales Open

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Back in August, I only left myself a single day to post about the Psycho Las Vegas Festival event before I left to attend it. This year, we have a slight head start on August 2018, with an initial teaser lineup…

They didn’t name it ‘PSYCHO LAS VEGAS‘ for nothing. Last August’s event was unique, it was enjoyable, it was loud, it was… well, completely psychotic. Out of the seventy-plus bands that performed, I believe I managed to see 55 of them for at least a portion of their sets.

I’m not sure how much anyone slept, but in my sleep deprivation, I managed to take a few (thousand) photos of about 43 of those 55 bands I experienced. Some of those photos will start appearing in our new Riff Relevant Photo Galleries section, right now you can click here to see the Year Of The Cobra gallery.

We’re not really here to talk about Psycho Las Vegas 2017, though. We are here to guide you into the festivities for 2018! Next August 16th to 19th, over those four days, on three stages, in one hotel/casino, in one city built on sin and secrets, we hope to find you watching these bands.

Bands that span the entire world of hard rock, heavy metal, doom, stoner, sludge, and whatever little 5th level sub-genre you made up last week. Musicians, artists, fans, friends, family, strangers, and every other person caught unawares in their ‘Vegas Vacation Of Relaxation’ planning who picked the absolutely wrong weekend to hit the desert for a rest.

Psycho Entertainment presents Psycho Las Vegas 2018 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠


70+ acts from around the world + the grand headliner is still to be announced


♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ 

Extra details from the press release:

The list of heathens they have unleashed to reign havoc as of now are:

The return and reunion of Swedish psychedelic fuzz legends Witchcraft will be playing their first US show since 2009. In line with their reputation for scoring highly coveted sets, Psycho Las Vegas will be only one of two US dates that the band will be performing in 2018.

Joining the ranks are Italian purveyors of prog rockGoblin, most notable for their original scores for Dawn of the Dead Disturbia; beloved stoned thrashers High On Fire; guitar lord Zakk Sabbath; horror-synth group S U R V I V E, best known for scoring Stranger Things; the reunion of Chicago doom heavyweights Indian; and UK’s prog masters DVNE, who will be performing their first ever US show at this year’s fest.

Tickets go on sale Friday, 12/15/2017 at 10:00 am PST.  The first 2500 tickets sold to this year’s fest will include tickets to the Psycho pre-fest pool party…

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