DHU Records Announces SON OF THE MORNING Signing; Band Readies S/T Full-Length Release

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

The Netherlands’ DHU Records, or their fully pronounced persona, aka Dark Hedonistic Union Records, have truly lived up to their namesake’s potential with today’s news.  First of all, “nether” refers to something lying below, or believed to be so, the surface of the Earth… or something infernal as well.  Check.

Dark and Hedonistic… together, in unison united.  Check.  Check.  Check, etc., as the label has announced their signing of the mid-west U.S. up ‘n coming occulters, Son Of The Morning.  Somewhat palish-tinted in somber overtones, yet overflowing with doom heaviness, the band is the ideal signee for the label and vice versa.

The quartet within Son Of The MorningLady Helena (Vocals, Organ), Lee Allen (Bass), H.W. Applewhite (Drums), and Levi Mendes (Guitar), tackle a plethora of subject matter in their music.  From religion, murder and pagan rites to superstition, ritualism and worship, this fierce foursome are the very embodiment of vintage style aural darkness.

This reality is evident on their recently All Hallow’s Eve-issued EP (streaming below); and that circle shall remain unbroken for their upcoming DHU Records-based offering.

That will arrive in the form of their self-titled full length (DHU028) for the label due later in 2018 on limited edition vinyl. More news on that to come soon…

…until then, partake of and enjoy the Bandcamp embed stream of the aforementioned EP below, dearest dark hearts.

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