MALFORMITY Returns With ‘The Rapturous Unraveling’ 7″

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

This past week saw the studio return of the legendary underground, old-school death metal band Malformity after a lengthy absence. The Atlanta area-based band released the anxiously anticipated ‘The Rapturous Unraveling‘ on 7-inch vinyl and digital download on January 13th via Boris Records.

The 2-song effort is streaming here today and finds the nearly mythical musical monstrosity of a band in the rarest of forms. Just as brutal and viscerally vicious as they bring their OSDM influenced music to life on this glorious recorded rejuvenation, one available for purchase now at this location.

Malformity was originally formed in 1991 during the peak of the pioneering death metal movement, their playing reflected the classic Swedish and Florida sounds of that era. Nothing has changed in that department either as the band’s style of harsh brutality is just as merciless now as it was then.

After releasing two crushing demos in 1995, Malformity dissolved with both the original members and newer recruits remaining active in bands such as Regurgitate, General Surgery, Amoebic Dysentery, Dwarfophile, Disillusioned, and Neuroblast, among others.

Bass, Vocals – Eric Snodgrass 
Drums – Craig Vogel 
Guitar – Glenn Sykes
Guitar, Vocals – Dan Ratanasit

The band shared the following about their return, saying:

The songs on The Rapturous Unraveling reflect our passions for death metal, in what we like to listen to, and what we like to play, unhindered by current trends or attempts at appealing to others. These songs also accurately represent the current lineup of the band. Where the material on the first release was largely already written, these songs were created from the ground up with today’s stronger lineup. They show our collaborative writing style where each member’s input brings something unique to the sound.”

Stream the triumphant return of Malformity, ‘The Rapturous Unraveling‘ 7″, below. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Raheem Amlani at Orange Peel Studios and is out now!


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