AN EVENING WITH KNIVES Stream New Album ‘Serrated’ In Full Ahead Of Release; Official Video Streaming

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The Eindhoven-based trio known as An Evening With Knives are streaming their highly anticipated new full-length, “Serrated“, in its entirety at this time. The album will drop this Friday, January 26th via Argonauta Records, pre-order details are a bit further down below.

With “Serrated“, Marco Gelissen (guitar & vocals), Peter van Grunsven (bass) and Ivo Jonkers (drums & samples), slice through the mundane with their powerful music. Chopping things up with elements of doom, sludge, grunge, metal and alternative rock in their blender, An Evening With Knives cut to the bone with this fantastic recording.

Check out the full stream of “Serrated” here, along with An Evening With Knives‘ recent official video share from the album, “Come Undone“. You can pre-order, and soon buy, the album here from Argonauta Records on CD or Vinyl from Lighttown Fidelity.

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