GYGAX Back With Sophomore Outing ‘Second Edition’; Tour Dates

(Pic Courtesy Of Cliff Montgomery)
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

When a band can lay claim to containing folks from acts such as Gypsyhawk, Skeletonwitch, Sorcerer, Huntress, Warbringer, Mantic Ritual, Pentagram, and more, then surely that band has potential. Southern California’s GYGAX is exactly such a band, something unquestionably established with their 2016 début ‘Critical Hits’.

We have wonderful news today, friends, the band has announced the follow-up, titled ‘Second Edition‘, which will arrive March 16th via Creator-Destructor Records. GYGAX will also be storming the West Coast on tour in support of its release around that time.

The aforementioned roster of musicians residing within GYGAX includes vocalist and bassist Eric Harris (also in Huntress, ex-Gypsyhawk, Skeletonwitch, Sorcerer), his Gypsyhawk partner-in-crime, guitarist Bryant Throckmorton, as well as Jeff Potts (ex-Warbringer, Mantic Ritual) and drummer “Minnesota” Peter Campbell (Pentagram, Place Of Skulls).

Bassist/vocalist Eric Harris revealed the following about the new record:

It is with happy hearts that we bring you our second collection of songs for your eager ears. Recording at Nu-Tone Studios was an experience of highest honor and we humbly thank Scotch The Scribe for his tireless efforts and mastered skills. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. And as always, we are ever in debt to the kind and gracious lords of Creator-Destructor Records. Your unending support is ever appreciated, adventurers. We will soon see you.

‘Second Edition’ is expected to find the band carrying on their unique blend of unadulterated vintage hard rock and gamer-related imagery. Named after Gary Gygax (blessed and approved by Gary Gygax Jr.), the band continues to showcase their love for Dungeons & Dragons, Thin Lizzy, and ’70s boogie-fueled metal and classic rock – a deadly infectious sonic offering measured in equal parts by Eric Harris‘ thematic lyrics of magic spells and fantastical characters.


Second Edition Tracklist:
01. Dice Throwers & Rock N’ Rollers
02. It Makes It Worth It
03. The Lascivious Underdark
04. Pure Hearts
05. Song Of The Silverhands
06. Wish
07. Heavy Meddle
08. Second Wind
GYGAX Second Edition West Coast Tour:
3/08 – Golden Bull – Oakland, CA (w/ Glitter Wizard, Wilderness Dream)
3/09 – Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR
3/10 – The Highline – Seattle, WA (w/ T-Rox)
3/11 – Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA (w/ Wilderness Dream)
3/13 – Full Circle Brewery – Fresno, CA (w/ Glacier Eater)
3/15 – Shea’s Tavern – Tahoe, CA
3/16 – Cooper’s Alesworth – Nevada City, CA
3/17 – 5 Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
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