BLACK FRIDAY DEATH COUNT ‘Cut Through The Noise’ Album Review

Black Friday Death Count

 Article By: Brian Halsey ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

So there I was, minding my own damn business, shoveling my driveway, and enjoying the 17 inches of snow blizzard Grayson dropped on New Jersey. I was having a few beers, listening to some tunes, and all of a sudden my speakers just start blowing up.

What the hell is on this playlist? BLACK FRIDAY DEATH COUNT. Okay then. I finished my lager, grabbed another, and the rest is ancient history.

Three songs deep, my snow shoveling responsibilities got turned into a one-man chugging session (sorry kids, show some heart if you wanna make it to the bus). ‘Cut Through The Noise’ is a nonstop party of ’80s hardcore, ’90s noise, and Motorhead-style rock n roll. It’s catchy, it’s heavy, it’s raw. It has swagger, balls, intestinal fortitude, and a whole lotta dirty, fist-pumping riffs.

The opening track “Rats Jump Ship” is the sound of keg stands next to a poorly attended bonfire. “Red Jawn” has some fast, catchy guitar work that proves people from Pennsylvania know how to shred… and are also inclined to use the word ‘jawn’ however they fuck-well please.

Honestly, stick a handful of bottle rockets in an empty Wawa Iced Tea container and shoot them at any song on this album. BLACK FRIDAY DEATH COUNT brings it on all of ‘em.

Alex Millard, Sam Pinola, and Porkchop recorded this fine contribution to American Punk Rock history at New Sofa Studios, Line Lexington, Pennsylvania. It was mastered by Joe Procopio at 2Track Mastering, Philadelphia, PA.

The good folks of Pennsylvania know how to embrace the grind. Just when things are going well, God will come outta nowhere and be like, “Naw, fuck your knee, Carson Wentz. Imma give Nick Foles another shot.” But still, their great state presses forward. Enjoy the small wins as they come.

BLACK FRIDAY DEATH COUNT dropping ‘Cut Through The Noise’ for $3 on Bandcamp is so much of a victory, the brewery should name a heavy winter porter after them. 

Joseph Paone was right, “Teenage girls won’t like this shit.” But I bet you will.

Cut Through The Noise – Tracklist:
01. Rats Jump Ship
02. I, Behemoth
03. Chords and Words
04. Red Jawn
05. Trash Panda
06. Fat Kid Gym Class / Rocket Sled
07. Rock and Roll, Jackass!
08. Bride of Jackass
09. Derailer
10. Stoopid Kidz
11. Your Black Heart

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