BARREN WOMB Share 3 Songs From Upcoming ‘Old Money / New Lows’ Album

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer

Three of the songs from Barren Womb‘s upcoming new album, “Old Money / New Lows“, are available to stream at this time. The Nordic noise-mongers will unleash the new record on February 16th via Spartan Records.

The tracks, “Crook Look“, “Drive-Thru Liquor Store” and “Mystery Meat“,  are pristine examples of the band’s genre-melding output. They are deeply rooted in the aggressive alternative / noise rock realm with clear-cut punk rock nuances flavoring them too.

Barren Womb are well adept at pushing boundaries, something that has been quite well-received with various critical outlets including Decibel Magazine, Loudwire, Punk News and more.




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