Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

When it comes to truly psychedelic, mind-altering, and otherworldly type music, one band stands head and shoulders over the rest. None other than Warszawa, Poland’s WEEDPECKER, who recently returned with their third studio outing, “III“.

Where many other bands meander about within much same-sounding, self-indulgent sonic recycling, WEEDPECKER breaks molds. They blaze lysergic trails into the stratosphere and from there, shake off these terrestrial expectations like so much dead weight. The latest album is no exception to this reality either as Wyro (guitar, vocal), Bartek (guitar, vocal), Mroku (bass), and Falon (drums) forsake limiting mediocrity for something way more powerful.

Much like previous albums ‘Weedpecker’ (S/T 2013) and ‘II’ (2015), this phenomenal foursome creates far-reaching organic journeys on this latest exploration. Colorfully vivid and blissfully serene, the scope of possibilities is without end when this crew goes to work crafting their music.

Ethereal tranquility permeates many of the moments transpiring from this progressive soup, but ultimately unpredictability powers this craft. Eclectically impressive and electrically transformative elements resonate outward, while occasionally bolstered with heavier touches. It all melds together into one cohesive and inspiring construct that really is capable of providing the listener with a most enjoyable means of escape.

It would be a huge disservice to break this album down by tracks or to provide any emphasis for one over another. This is a record that must be experienced from start to finish, with a complete immersing on the audiophile’s part. Submerge and sink yourself into the otherworldly WEEDPECKER opus “III” via the Bandcamp-embedded stream here, I highly doubt you shall emerge the same afterward.

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