GREEN LUNG ‘Free The Witch’ EP Review & Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From deep within the subterranean London, UK underground does rise the smoke-enveloped Green Lung and its début ‘Free The Witch‘ EP.

It arrived on February 19th and I dare say the four-song recording is a remarkable monument to psych doom/ stoner rock and proto-metal that must be heard. Taking inspiration from the past’s icons of heaviness, then molding those influences with modern-day flavors, Green Lung has crafted an album worthy of massive accolades.

Quite guitar-driven and touched off with flourishes of Hammond organs, this is music meant to lead the charge of today’s music world. Tom Templar (Vocals), Scott Masson (Guitar), Andrew Cave (Bass), and Matt Wiseman (Drums) began this journey with last year’s ‘Green Man Rising’ demo. If you were one of the folks that clamored over that effort, then you will absolutely go nuts over this EP.

With retro vibes permeating every passage of these tracks, “Lady Lucifer“, “Free The Witch“, “Living Fossil“, and “Older Than The Hills“, each contains huge, monolithic movements. They possess alluring appeal as they transmit smoldering guitar pyrotechnics and hypnotic rhythmic paths, all of which is topped with unique, powerful vocals.

There are no questionable moments here, each song is a stellar, stand-alone composition on its own. Assembled together on the ‘Free The Witch‘ EP, they are pristine and profound, as shown on Green Lung‘s official video for “Lady Lucifer” streaming below.

Check it out now, you should afterward find yourself signing a pact with the Devil for your very own soul. Green Lung‘s ‘Free The Witch‘ is available in Digital and Cassette formats, orders are available now here.


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