THE WEAPON (w/ Jesse Leach) Two-Song EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The Weapon is a new project featuring vocalist Jesse Leach, guitarist Chris Drapeau, bassist Josh Mihlek and drummer Andy Mass. They have just released a two-song EP recently, on February 13th.

First, in the spirit of full disclosure, allow me to establish the fact that I am an avid fan of Jesse Leach.  That personal admiration is also applicable to his various outlets, from his vocal performances to many of the insights he shares on socio-political and religious issues.

Most people know Jesse as the on then off then on again singer for Killswitch Engage, perhaps they know about Times Of Grace, too.  I have been keeping up with him since his pre-KSE act Corrin, as well as others ala Seemless and The Empire Shall Fall.

That is immediately what is so cool to me about The Weapon, it marks an unmistakable return to Jesse’s hardcore / punk roots.  He has clearly aligned himself with some powerhouse players, and together the quartet serve up some incendiary aggression on this two-tracker.

These two cuts, “At What Cost” and “Shotgun Anarchy” are explosive salvos of unrestrained volatility. The first, “At What Cost“, is a pummeling assault of chainsaw guitars, they are incessantly a’buzz as kit-splintering drums pound away backing them.

In typical hardcore fashion, the vocals are rendered from a throat-shredding source, rife with angst and fury. They take on a bit of a different approach in the latter song, served with a bit more punk tinting on “Shotgun Anarchy“.

This song is where all four members of The Weapon each shine by their own right and at the right time.  Dizzying time signatures, points of near breakneck tempos, it is all there as each component fires away.

You can stream this two song EP from The Weapon, who really say it best on their own Facebook page: “Just have a listen and make up your own damn mind!

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