PYRAWEED ‘Green Jinn’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Marijuana culture and stoner or doom rock music are pretty much now a symbiotic, globally present reality.   

Anywhere you look on the planet-wide map, there is some type of underground music scene and the bands populating it. Today’s example is the Baku, Azerbaijan-located PYRAWEED.

The trio of Nijat Hasanzadeh (bass / vocals), Sadig Alizada (vocals / samples / effects), and Ramin “Ramirez” Sadikhov (drums) have just issued their three-song ‘Green Jinn‘ record. The band has only been active since 2015, but have a string of worthwhile offerings out and available.

With ‘Green Jinn‘, PYRAWEED once again crawls into songs inspired by the packed bong of emerald enlightenment. The band renders a smoke-hazed swamp of molasses-like pacing, as they ooze their doom sludge grooves. They spark flames of psychedelia as they exhale tripped out, airy vocals.

With all three tracks between the 12 and 13 minute plus range, this definitely qualifies as down-tuned psych, too. In fact, the only thing even remotely short about them are their titles, “Mist“, “Dusk” and “Dust“. Each is powerful, dense, and surefire fantastic, covering a wide swath of genres and styling.

I suggest you fire it up — if you partake — and blaze your way into the maze of crushing, rifftastic roughage that is PYRAWEED‘s ‘Green Jinn‘. It is available for streaming via the Bandcamp embed, or directly head there by taking this link.

On an added note, you can currently snag seven different PYRAWEED releases there and receive 50% off at this time.

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