SUUM ‘Buried Into The Grave’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Nothing says it better than “Doom For The Doomed”… and that is exactly what one gets with the seven-song debut from Italy’s SuuM, ‘Buried Into The Grave‘.

It arrives March 10th with a CD format from Endless Winter and a Cassette version from Hellas Records. The factors needed to qualify an album as a valid manifestation of true Doom are all present here. From the massive, down-tuned riffs of an Iommian nature, to the plodding, purposeful rhythm section, and of course sorrowful, yet emotionally powerful vocals. Yes, these are all abundantly prevalent and effectively rendered here with monstrous aplomb.


The journey gets underway after the brief rain-fallen intro of “Tower Of Oblivion“, a slowly churning number of haunting elements. With riffs that grind bones to so much dust, this behemoth lumbers its slow advance. Reverberating with resounding darkness, the repetitive whispers of the song’s title near the close adds to its overall eeriness.

Foreboding, dread, and fear are cast from each selection in fact. Songs such as “Black Mist“, “Seeds Of Decay“, and the epic “Shadows Haunt The Night” are, simply put, hellish. They are the musical equivalent of Death itself gripping you by your fast-failing heart, like a pace-quickening nightmare coming to pass, holding you firmly trapped within it.

The “Buried Into The Grave” title track is another fright-inducing highlight here, the guitar emitting a wall of sound heaviness, as the music sweeps outward. Shuddering wave after wave of rumbling, rhythmic pulses rattle your being as those guitars soon yield some fierce solos.

There is much to be experienced here and, although dark and consuming, the horrific nature of this music is ultimately quite enjoyable… and impressive. For those that have been subjected to the best that Doom has to offer, from Black Sabbath and Pentagram to Candlemass, Cathedral, and Solitude Aeturnus, you will find SuuM a most worthy new candidate for the historical annals.

Mark Wolf – Vocals
Painkiller – Guitars
Marcas – Bass
Rick – Drums

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