STONER DAZE Austin, Texas Stoner & Doom Festival 2018

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

#FestAlert – Stoner Daze: Stoner & Doom Festival is happening in a couple of weeks on March 15-16th, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

It seems like in the last few years stoner rock, doom metal, heavy psych, sludge, and other sounds of similar ilk are increasing in popularity. Measurable not so much by radio play, and likely never will be, but through album sales, Bandcamp shares, Spotify streams, and – thankfully – regional heavy music festivals!

Attendance at doom and stoner music festivals is on the rise and they seem to be popping up all over. Another such festival is in bloom in Austin, Texas this month. One that gets a bit of a special announcement as Stoner Daze was started by Damon Caraway, who is currently one of our writers here at Riff Relevant. He also happens to be the proud owner of Gravitoyd Promotions and organized the Stoner Daze fest for what he states as “purely selfish reasons”.

“This is the kind of music I love! Many bands haven’t started touring yet and March in Austin is such perfect weather, it seemed the perfect combination.”

The lineup is a potent mix of stoner rock with a few doom and sludge bands thrown in for flavor. The names you might (or should) already know are The Well, ZED, The Watchers, Forming the Void, The Munsens, Great Electric Quest, Hexxus, Salem’s Bend, Wolftooth, Amplified Heat, Gypsy Sun Revival, and several others that represent a healthy bucket of heavy music around the Texas area. New York’s Shadow Witch is the most recent addition to the fray.

Damon has said he’d “rather charge less and have a better turnout, because it is ultimately about promoting the bands. Twenty-seven bands over two days for under forty bucks is a pretty sweet deal for festival goers!” 

We tend to agree. The lineup is pretty sweet for the Stoner Daze festival, which is happening over the two days at Texas Mist Bar, in Austin. The poster has had several changes since its inception, but as of today, this is the lineup of bands and times:

March 15th – DAY ONE (Doors @ 12:00 pm)
1:00 pm – Smokey Mirror
1:45 pm – Canaan
2:30 pm – Salem’s Bend
3:15 pm – Pyreship 
4:00 pm – Great Electric Quest 
4:45 pm – The Watchers
5:30 pm – Love Gang
6:15 pm – Roast 
7:00 pm – Wolftooth 
8:00 pm – Dead Country Gentlemen
9:00 pm – the Munsens
10:00 pm – Forming the Void
11:00 pm – Zed
12:00 am – Shadow Witch

March 16th – DAY TWO (Doors @ 12:00 pm)
1:00 pm – Mortales
1:45 pm – Psionnosaur
2:30 pm – Burn Ritual
3:15 pm – Silver Tongue Devil
4:00 pm – Sun Voyager
4:45 pm – Red Beard Wall
5:30 pm – Mr. Plow
6:15 pm – The Rare Breed
7:00 pm – Doomstress
8:00 pm – Gypsy Sun Revival
9:00 pm – Max Fite
10:00 pm – Hexxus
11:00 pm – Amplified Heat
12:00 am – The Well


March 15 & 16 @ Texas Mist

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Stoner Daze tickets are on sale now.  Tickets via Ticketbud here:

Gravitoyd Promotions is the host and presenter of Stoner Daze Fest and also is sponsored in part by Riff Relevant, as well as The Obelisk, Texas Metal Show Podcast, and Doom Tomb Podcast.


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