SUPERNAUGHTY ‘Vol. 1’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Well, it has arrived! From the Livorno, Italy quartet Supernaughty comes a genre-meshing début sure to set the heavy rock underground on its ear, as ‘Vol. 1‘ is now officially out from Argonauta Records.

Inspired so much by Black Sabbath, the band that is vocalist Angelo Fagni, drummer Alessio Franceschi (both also of Cora), bassist Andrea Burroni — since replaced by Luca Raffoni, and guitarist Filippo del Bimbo, took a name that paid tribute to the legendary band.

Yet, what the quartet has created with ‘Vol. 1‘ is something worthy of its very own tribute. The powerhouse album is so focused, so precisely on-point that it seems impossible not to fall headlong in love with the record from the first listen.

I think nearly everyone can embrace the appealing vibes of stoner/desert rock, doom, alternative rock, and grunge that permeates every fantastic moment of this recording. It’s a very unfortunate fact that so much music within the “stoner rock” tag these days has become generic and blase. It just is and, as such, much is mundane and fails to excite. Thankfully, that is far from the case here.

See, Supernaughty inject so much diversity and energy into their compositions that you would have to be a fly drawing corpse to not enjoy this music. From the fast-paced and free-wheelin’ chuggery of “Mistress” or the metallic doom-tinged heavy rock of “Bad Games“, continual transformation is taking place. There are alternative and post-rock fusions taking place in “Kiss The Death“, and “Y.A.T.” successfully explores fuzz-laden psychedelia, while “Fuck ‘N Drive” simmers with punk ‘n blues attitude.

However, there’s always something that grabs you by the throat, or ears, whichever. In this case, for me, it is a pair of back-to-back tunes, “The Slicers” and “Andy’s Abduction“, that instantly hooked me upon first listen. The chunky grunge vibes captured in both, their underlying heaviness and blatant grooves just emit a power-packed punch.

In fact, there is much punch and appeal to be experienced with Supernaughty‘s “Vol. 1“. I invite you to partake of today’s stream of this powerhouse album and from there you can obtain it for yourself via the links and locations below.

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