Oldschool Sunday: SEPTIC TANK [Cathedral, Repulsion Members]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

To the point: I’m a sucker for anything that Lee Dorrian is involved with.  

From his start in Napalm Death to the godly Cathedral, and Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, to his more recent actions in With The Dead. Today, we are taking a look at the long-running, yet little known of, side-project of his and Cathedral guitarist Gaz Jennings, Septic Tank.

Rounding out the roster is Repulsion/Church Of Misery’s Scott Carlson on bass, and ex-Trouble’s Barry Stern on drums – originally. Stern has since been replaced by Jamie Gomez Arellano.

Septic Tank originally manifested in 1994, as a vehicle for the Cathedral duo’s love for Discharge, Siege, and other pioneering hardcore and crust heavyweights. They quickly threw together some vehemently volatile songs and jammed together on a few occasions. However, life, logistics, regular “day job” bands, geography, and such impeded any real focus being applied to the band, so things sort of laid dormant for two decades.

However, that is all about to change, as Septic Tank will release their long-awaited full-length début, ‘Rotting Civilisation‘, in April of 2018. Lee Dorrian recently commented on this turn of events, saying:

We talked about doing it again many times, but it took us 20 years to make a record. Black Sabbath were doing their so-called last-ever show in Birmingham and Scott wanted to come over for that, so I suggested we got together and did an album while he was here. He stayed over for five days. 14 of the songs were already roughly written but not rehearsed, another eight or so came up on the spot and were recorded straight away, and that was it. It took us over 20 years but I’m really happy we did it.

‘Rotting Civilisation’ tracklist:

“Septic Tank”
“Social Media Whore”
“Divide and Conk Out”
“Treasurers of Disease”
“Death Vase”
“You Want Some”
“Digging Your Own Grave”
“Danger Signs”
“Walking Asylum”
“Lost Humanity”
“Never Never Land”
“Living Death”
“Rotten Empire”

Early indications show that ‘Rotting Civilisation‘ is a timeless social commentary made through abrasive, anarcho-punk blasts of sonic extremity. The songs are rendered with hyper-aggressive, hardcore-heaving aural revelations rife with a scathing demeanor and punk attitude.

A lot of musical ground is covered, too, done so with a ferocious amalgamation displaying tendencies towards doom core with flagrant disgust. Raw elements of rock and roll ala Motörhead, crust-laden angst inspired by the likes of DOOM, and the aforementioned Siege or Discharge, it all finds a place here.

With his incensed, vivid worldview reflected in artist Stewart Easton‘s idiosyncratic cover art, Lee Dorrian and Co.’s long-delayed music via Septic Tank has the impact of a sledgehammer. A true ode to collapse of society administered with accuracy and righteous indignation.

A four-song, 2013 self-titled 7″ vinyl EP, limited to 900 copies, issued by the MCR Company is streaming here for your exposure to Septic Tank.

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