Premiere: DEE CALHOUN “Dry Heaves & Needles” Official Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

One of underground music’s most prolific storytellers, as well as a banshee-like singing powerhouse, Dee Calhoun, will return with his sophomore solo album later this month.

The album, ‘Go To The Devil‘, will be released through Argonauta Records on March 30th. All signs point to yet another stellar outing for Dee with his upcoming recorded offering, one that sees his Iron Man bandmate, bassist Louis Strachan, now a fully involved recording/ performing conspirator.

Don’t just take our word for it, instead, come check out our premiere of the official video for “Dry Heaves & Needles” below.

Dee has a knack for composing impactful, powerful music with involving storytelling in his lyrics. Emotive, heartfelt tales play out within his songs, they themselves are chock full of poignant, profound music devoid of frivolous studio excesses. Dee comments on the inspiration for “Dry Heaves & Needles“, saying:

“My ode to what has happened in the city of my birth, as well as countless other places across the USA.”

This is as Real-Life as music can get, friends. The song and accompanying visualizer tell a sordid, harrowing story about addiction and its effects.  As a city’s people succumb to this darkness, the city itself becomes a skeletal urban carcass that reflects its slowly-poisoned populace. The video was directed and edited by Dee Calhoun.  Special thanks to Tim VanHouten and Lisa Deter for their production assistance.

Lyrics and music by Dee Calhoun © 2018 Argonauta Records.

Dee Calhoun – Voice, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards
Louis Strachan – Bass

Dee Calhoun is headed to Europe for the upcoming The Devil Over Europe Spring Tour 2018. Make sure to catch him and Lou at the Maryland Doom Fest 2018!


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