EARTH’s Dylan Carlson To Release Solo Album ‘Conquistador’ In April; Song Streaming

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Dylan Carlson, quite well known as the linchpin of the drone-doom instrumentalists EARTH, announces he will release his first proper full-length solo album. 

Titled “Conquistador” and scheduled to arrive from Sargent House on April 27, the five-track album shares ties to the EARTH style of experimental music minimalism.  Yet, Carlson crafts additives of compelling musicality within the aural gestation of these riveting compositions.  Check out the audio-only stream of the song “Scorpions In Their Mouths” below.

Conquistador was recorded at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou during a week-long break in Carlson’s 2016 solo tour of the East Coast of the U.S.  It also features Carlson’s collaborations with Emma Ruth Rundle (baritone and slide guitar) and his wife Holly Carlson (percussion, photography).

I guess what ties this all together—all my musical projects and my life in general—is the idea of the quest, that search for new horizons and something unnameable and possibly unreachable,” Carlson says of the record.

Pre-ordering for Conquistador is available at this location.

Conquistador‘ tracklisting:

1. Conquistador
2. When The Horses Were Shorn Of Their Hooves
3. And Then The Crows Descended
4. Scorpions In Their Mouths
5. Reaching The Gulf

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