KNAAVES 2-Song ‘January’ EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based KNAAVES have been gathering serious momentum since the band’s inception in 2016, recently releasing their two-song “January” EP.

The genre-twisting metal of KNAAVES – a band which features former members of Enabler, Amora Savant and Die Alone – reflects the music veterans’ collective experiences, both good and bad.  After bassist Amanda Daniels‘ controversial exit from her previous role in Enabler, her continuation in music altogether became uncertain.

Thankfully, that question has now been answered with a powerful, resounding affirmation from KNAAVES.  Amanda, alongside vocalist Andy Parmann, guitarist Jamie Kerwin, and drummer Antonio Ninham, have put any and all doubts to rest with “January”.

With the EP’s title track and its follow-up, “Nine Lives Lost“, KNAAVES unleash a crushing avalanche of pissed off post-hardcore, sinister sludge, and apocalyptic doom.  Laden with gargantuan grooves propelling this music, both songs are furious sonic statements that are crafted with resolute, incendiary volatility.

January” was recorded and mixed by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Studios in Milwaukee, WI, and mastered by the famed Alan Douches.

It is out now, available for purchase [HERE] and streaming below.

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