STILLBORN ‘Crave For Killing’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Polish death metal unit STILLBORN released its latest salvo of explosive brutality this week, the Crave For Killing‘ EP, via Godz ov War Productionon March 12th.

STILLBORN, who is in its twenty-first year of existence in 2018, is the warrior-like veteran of blackened death metal. After five full-length releases since 2004 — plus at least three Demos prior — the band has unleashed its very first short-player.

Upon it, the trio of Killer (guitar, vocal), Hunger (bass), and August (drums) render a face-melting, skull-crushing, metallic battery of music. From the introductory “It’s A Sinner“, the aggression is full tilt off the charts, as piston-like drumming, buzz saw guitars, and throat-wrenched vocals bombard you.

The dizzying paces will make your head swim, if you are not already acclimated to intense audio of this nature, something really ratcheted up on “To Be“. This is modern death metal to be sure, but such that stays true to the old school. Guitars churn away, bleeding out their emissions of acidic, sonic discharges amid tracks like “Korowód” (one of my faves), “Staroświeckość We Mnie Jest“, and the title cut, “Crave For Killing“.

The trio is super tight, keeping things more than exciting with their ceaseless output, and of exceptional notice are the vocals. They range from guttural rumblings to more higher pitched, shrieking style ones. Between them and the music, fans of death metal and extremity genres should quickly take to the ‘Crave For Killing‘ EP from STILLBORN.

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