VOID CRUISER Re-Releases 2015’s ‘Overstaying My Welcome’ Via Argonauta Records

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Finnish heavy psychedelinauts VOID CRUISER announces the upcoming re-release of their critically acclaimed 2015 album, ‘Overstaying My Welcome‘.

Arriving from Argonauta Records on May 25th, ‘Overstaying My Welcome + Bonus‘ will contain an incredible bonus, indeed. It comes in the form of one 30 minutes long song, the mind-altering ode to space rock, “Heavyweight Champion Of The Solar System“.

VOID CRUISER ‘Overstaying My Welcome + Bonus will be released on CD and limited Red Vinyl LP.  Check out the song “Amoeba” that is being shared now and find pre-order info and links below.

T-Hug – Low Frequency Engine
V-Salo – Soundscape Systems
T-Bag – Battering Apparatus
S-Salo – Fuzz Machinery & Communications

Pre-orders are running here:
CD: http://bit.ly/2Ef1u6w
LP: http://bit.ly/2Dd3451


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