LáGoon ‘Grim Ripper’ Review, Stream & Official Video Premiere

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist, RiffRelevant.com)

From Portland, Oregon comes the skateboard lovin’, radically punk AF stoner / psyche, alternative fuzz rock two-man entity that is LáGoon.

As for LáGoon, that happens to be Anthony Gaglia (guitar, vocals) and Brady Maurer (drums), who just released their “Grim Ripper” full-length back in early March.  They quickly doubled down on the album with a tripped-out visualizer for the song “The Devil’s Grip“, which you can view below.

Grim Ripper” is a non-stop ride of heady jams, ones oozing with lysergic flare that permeates nearly every note.  Airy vocals, hazy twists, and slow-groove turns flow throughout top-notch numbers like “Skate Fast, Play Loud“, “Smoke’em (If You Got’em)“, and “Skate Rat“.

Mood-setting samples from the The Devil’s Advocate film, Cheech & Chong and others are cool touches, too.  Then there’s the pure sonic LSD of audio freak-outs “Down Below” and “What’s Your Fix?“.  The propensity for mind altering results is an assured certainty with this album.

Stream “Grim Ripper” from LáGoon via the Bandcamp embed in this article or head [HERE] for direct purchase.

FYI – Limited cassettes will soon be available through Slicehop Cassettes Bandcamp page: slicehopcassettes.bandcamp.com


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