SAMSON Re-Issues Classic Albums; Including Unreleased 1989 Album

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Classic British metal band SAMSON, whose former vocalist Bruce Bruce is now better known as Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, has announced the upcoming re-issue of some past releases… and more.

The next in the series of re-issues from the iconic NWOBHM band  – named after its namesake guitarist, Paul Samson – will arrive as a 3CD Box Set. It will include 1990’s ‘Refugee’, 2006’s ‘P.S…’, and a previously unreleased album from 1989, ‘Look To The Future’.

This 3CD Box Set will see a release from HNE Recordings via Cherry Red on April 27th, 2018. A pre-order for this collector’s item is active now at THIS LOCATION.

‘Look To The Future’ was recorded in early 1989, by that era’s continuing lineup of Paul Samson, Toby Sadler (Keyboards), Dave Boyce (Bass), and Charlie Mack (Drums), and a new singer, Peter Scallan. Though the completed album was considered for release by several labels, ultimately it was thought to be rather contemporary for a SAMSON album. It was then unceremoniously shelved, despite already being announced in the music press.

Paul took the tapes back into the studio, reduced the keyboards and backing vocals, and then added more guitars, replaced the bass parts before remixing them, removing some tracks, and adding two new instrumentals. The new version was released as ‘Refugee’ in 1990.

When talk arose for the re-release of ‘Refugee’, it was suggested that these original recordings should be released for the first time and included in the package. The 11 tracks on the original track listing include re-recordings of “Too Late” and “The Silver Screen” from the 1988 “And There It Is” EP, as well as a new take on the SAMSON standard “Losing My Grip“.

Another track found whilst restoring the tapes, “Who Do You Think You’re Foolin” has also been included, as well as two bonus tracks from the earlier still “Ignition” sessions, featuring singer Mick White. Digital transfer and editing / pre-mastering by Rob Grain from the Paul Samson Archive.

‘Refugee’ is remastered from the original production tape and includes four bonus tracks from the 1989 Tommy Vance BBC Friday Rock Show session. ‘P.S…’ is the final SAMSON album, completed after Paul Samson‘s death (Aug. 2002) by John McCoy, originally released in 2006.

This 3-CD set comes in a box and includes a 20-page booklet with sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome, and previously unseen pictures and memorabilia from the Paul Samson Archive. Mastered by Tony Dixon at Masterpiece, with the sleeve by Gilmour Designs.

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