MY OWN PRISON ‘Comatose’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Cagliari, Italy-based hardcore heavyweights My Own Prison are back with its recently released fourth offering, the ‘Comatose‘ EP.

Celebrating the unit’s tenth year active, the quintet of Alessandro (Guitar), Amedeo (Vocals), Simone (Bass), Alessandro (Drums), and Nicola (Guitar), unleash a volatility-laden assault of sonic ferocity here. Part of that dedication to chaotic music includes the band’s unwavering stances against racism, fascism, and homophobia in their music and social media presence too.

Although ‘Comatose‘ clocks in at under 17 minutes in running time, that seventeen minutes is powerful and intense. With punk rock fury in their hard riffs, loud drums, and aggressive vocals, My Own Prison seems resolute in taking no prisoners themselves.

Instead, they leave a path of destruction in their wake as these 6 songs, “Nosedive“, “Guilty For Existing“, “Insert Coin“, “Rat Race“, “Missing Link” and “Barefoot” will rattle your cage right from the start. The band has a most definite modern aura about them to be sure but there’s also an undeniable presence of old school influences too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this EP from start to finish, yet two songs really stood out for me and my own tastes, “Rat Race” and “Barefoot“. The first, “Rat Race” features a guest, Samall Slander, and is crafted upon explosive guitars and machine-gun drumming. Both incessantly pummel you as the throat-wrenched vocals unfurl their tale, but then a quick throttle down briefly offers repose before things detonate into aural mayhem.

Barefoot” is even more chaotic and at less than two minutes in length, is a fast-burning fuse of unrelenting outrage. Harrowing and keenly despoiled of undue polishing, this number is the equivalent of a most thorough ass-kicking, but one given in the form of angered audibility.

The ‘Comatose‘ EP from My Own Prison is out now from Blacktooth Music, available for streaming in this article as well as [HERE], where you can also purchase it.

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