Psyche-Rock Duo CROWN LANDS Premiere ‘Mountain’ Official Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Meet the duo of guitarist Kevin Comeau and lead vocalist / drummer Cody Bowles who, together, are better known as CROWN LANDS.

Both of the 23 year-olds in CROWN LANDS hail from Oshawa, Ontario, and have been rapidly gaining attention through their music and live performances.  Those live excursions are the stuff of boisterous tales from those that have observed them, people that leave beyond impressed.

The duo’s two EP’s, Mantra (2016) & Rise Over Run (2017) feature both hard hitting, and melodic songs.

Rise Over Run track-listing:

01. Constant Motion
02. Misery
03. Big River Road
04. Leatherman’s Blues
05. Mountain
06. Waterfall

The pair’s sound combines heavy rock with a bluesy energy.  According to the witnesses, on stage they are loud, fun, and energetic.  Speaking of, we invite you to witness CROWN LANDS via their new official video streaming below.

Mountain” is a massively powerful cut, one rippling with heavy psych-fuzz sound and swaggering blues touches.  It hails from CROWN LANDS‘ 2017 EP, Rise Over Run.

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