WEIRD TALES ‘The Fall’ Review & Stream; Tour With RISIN SABOTAGE

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

WEIRD TALES is a Warsaw, Poland-based doom band that recently issued its very first physical offering, ‘The Fall‘ back in February.

The Fall‘ is the combination of two earlier EPs, ‘Weird Tales‘ and ‘Shiny Void‘, united in a limited edition 2CD Box with new design graphics and stickers included. But, it is the music of these recordings that we are here to analyze, right?

With a grand total of six songs, ‘The Fall‘ contains an abundant amount of slow, oozy doom that is very much in the traditional vein of such. Inspired by such pioneers as Saint Vitus, Solitude Aeturnus, and the like, Weird Tales emits an overburdening cascade of somber, gloomy vibes in their music.

Plodding and dense, these songs are similar to a massive constrictor-like serpent, they gradually envelop you within their sonic maw. Once there, escape is impossible as they slowly crush you with the pressure of their depressive audibility. Teetering on the brink of drone styling at points, Weird Tales keeps things on the minimal side with down-tuned, almost Lo-Fi riffs and pummeling rhythms. Drums crunch away too as the harrowing vocals take you to the very brink in this most darkest of musical composing.

You can tell that there is a style direction difference in the music here since these are two separate releases in one combination. The first three songs of the ‘Weird Tales’ EP — “Satan’s Smile“, “False Faith“, and “Trippin’ Deads“– are clearly in the vein of straightforward, traditional doom as I mentioned above.

The remaining three songs of the ‘Shiny Void’ EP, “Easy Riding“, “Mirage” and “Rise“, have a more psychedelic tint to them. I have since learned that the band really is a DIY type unit, from the actual recording of this music to their independent release of it too. With no track’s playing time under eight minutes running time, each is a headlong fall into hauntingly dark, sullen musical descents into the abyss.

Submit yourself to the collected works of Weird Tales, ‘The Fall‘, via the Bandcamp stream we are currently providing. You can also take the direct route [HERE] where it is streaming and the physical 2CD formats can be purchased. Meanwhile, the Digital Download version is available now as an NYP (Name Your Price) item.

Weird Tales will soon embark upon a tour in their Polish homeland with Ukraine’s Risin Sabotage. Here are those upcoming dates:

14.04 Warszawa – Pressor \ Ypres \ Weird Tales
26.04 Gdańsk – Risin Sabotage + Weird Tales ! Gdańsk !
27.04 Poznań – Risin Sabotage (UA) / Weird Tales / Bad Luck Experience
28.04 Olsztyn – Risin Sabotage/Weird Tales/PostNatura – Beczka, Olsztyn – 28/04
29.04 Toruń – Diuna / Risin Sabotage / Weird Tales

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