Exclusive Premiere: VESTA Self-Titled Album Stream [Review]

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist, RiffRelevant.com)

The trio known as VESTA from Viareggio, Italy are a relative newcomer to the world of all things subterraneously sonic.

VESTA are launching their new self-titled full-length album on April 6 from Argonauta Records.

Formed in 2016, VESTA – Giacomo Cerri (Guitar & Drones) Sandro Marchi (Drums & Cymbals) and Lorenzo Iannazzone (Bass & Noise) – are clearly determined aural explorers. Their instrumentally based, atmospherically-augmented music is the stuff of mind-expanding recordings.

Their third eye-opening compositions are tightly intricate, deeply ethereal creations seemingly devoid of formulaic structuring. Meaning there is an almost improvisational feel to their contents, those very same contents alternating between aggressive nuances and delicate ones also.

Call this music Post-Metal, Space Rock, Psychedelic or what-not, all of those tags are legitimately applicable. There are assured progressive qualities to it as well, the fact it is instrumental really works well in this case I do believe. I found myself thinking that vocals would about ruin any of the seven phenomenal selections presented here.

I suggest that a non-stop, start to finish listen is the best approach to take with this self-titled album from VESTA. The innermost musical passages you encounter are able to envelop you within their pillow-y, comforting audio vibrations. This album is the perfect dichotomy of sharp heaviness and softer, non-harsh elements.

Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE presentation of the new self-titled release from VESTA in the stream provided here!

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