Boris Records To Re-Issue HAUNTING ‘Sealed Shut’ On First-Time Vinyl [Video Trailer]

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Boris Records have announced they will reissue the seminal ATL-DM (Atlanta Death Metal) band HAUNTING‘s one and only output, “Sealed Shut“, on vinyl for the first time.

Originally self-released by the band on a small run of cassettes in 2014, the vinyl version includes an added “Intro” track that never made it onto the original tape release. Now consisting of four songs, the EP is a highly esteemed recording of true USDM.

Although HAUNTING eventually disbanded, members Scott Taysom moved on to front CLOAK and Charlie Southern is killing it in SADISTIC RITUAL, VIMUR and ECTOVOID. Blake and David are active in new projects as well.

We are including the original Cassette version in a streaming embed here as well as a recent video trailer issued for the upcoming vinyl offering. Pre-orders will be launched soon.

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