SLOW GREEN THING ‘III’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

What thing is slow, green, and moves with deliberate, doomy paces and deep grooves?

That would be Dresden, Germany’s SLOW GREEN THING, and its newly-released long-player, ‘III‘. It arrived on Friday, April 13th, and is the obvious follow-up to 2016’s ‘II’ and 2014’s ‘I’.

Now in its fifth year of activity, SLOW GREEN THING‘s Sven (guitar & vocals), Andreas (guitar), Jörg (drums), and Martin (bass), take things to the next level on this newest outing. That means the fuzz is fuzzier, the doom is doomier, the retro/vintage vibes are, well, even more classic sounding than ever before.

Thick, riveting ruts of rhythms erupt right from the start as “When Habits Embrace” quickly explodes. Massive riffs resonate and flurries of drums ring out as the airy vocals deliver a touch of psyche styling to things. In fact, there’s a variety of styles explored and mastered here, from the pulsing push of the uptempo “Super High Me” or pummeling sludge / alternative rock / grunge of “Me Vs. Me“.

Then there are my favorite cuts, first up being “Stop – No Wait!“, a very southern doom-like avalanche of guitar-generated heaviness and hazier nuances. Being this album’s longest-running track at almost seven and a half minutes, the song has some intensely magnetic properties that I just cannot resist… nor would I want to.

Things then go headlong into the more psyche-clouded “Queen Of My Heart” next. A brief melodic intro before things enter a zone of restrained paces, tight-knit playing, and some fantastic, ethereally-tinged vocals.

The album-ending “To Rewind” is another epic composition, its gradual chugging and punchy rhythms eventually giving way to some cool uptempo jamming.

You may find yourself unable to resist either – and again, why would you, especially if you dig incredible, heavy music? See if SLOW GREEN THING and ‘III‘ is what you need by delving into the stream we’ve provided or check out the links below.

Purchase ‘III‘ at these locations: BANDCAMP | FUZZMATAZZ RECORDS

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