THE AGONY SCENE New Official Video From Upcoming ‘Tormentor’ Release

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s THE AGONY SCENE has returned with an official video for the song “Hand Of The Divine“.

The song itself hails from the band’s new studio album ‘Tormentor‘, their first new release since 2007’s ‘Get Damned’. ‘Tormentor‘ will arrive on July 20th via Outerloop Records / Cooking Vinyl.

has revealed that the new opus possesses a loosely-running conceptual thread to its music. It is one related to notions of an all-powerful Creator and the unbalanced extent that some misguided believers will go to in such a being’s name.

Guitarist Chris Emmons further elaborates:

There is an underlying theme to much of the record, and that is the idea of an insane, manipulative creator, a ‘Tormentor’ of all mankind, if you will. The lyrics also touch on the idea that an unquestioning belief in such a creator and an infallible doctrine can lead to a more chaotic and dark world in many cases.

About today’s song debut, he continues:

‘Hand Of The Divine’ was written about the Rubio murders that took place in Brownsville, Texas in 2003. These murders occurred as a result of a man who believed that his three children were possessed by demons. The video for ‘Hand of the Divine’ follows along the theme of an insane creator, but does have some loose parallels with the Rubio murders. It tells the story of ‘The Binding of Isaac’ that can be found in the texts of the Abrahamic religions. This story finds god demanding Abraham to sacrifice his son as an offering, proving his love and obedience. An insane and criminal act by modern standards and law. The story is portrayed a bit loosely, taking interpretations from multiple texts.

Check out the explosive metalcore band’s visualizer for the song below. Pre-order for ‘Tormentor‘ has launched HERE and the band will have some touring news arriving soon.

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