END OF HOPE Shares New Demo (Eternal Black, Kraut, Reign Of Zaius, Mbrs.)

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The END OF HOPE is a New York-based, relatively new project formed by members of some established Big Apple bands.

Members Ken Wohlrob (guitar), Davey Gunner (vocals), Davis Schlachter (bass), and Dave Richman (drums) have resumes that include Eternal Black, St. Bastard, Kraut, and Reign Of Zaius, among others. With players from such a diverse, wide field of bands specializing in a wide swath of genre styles, END OF HOPE is surprisingly more straightforward in approach.

See, END OF HOPE is all about being loud and kicking ass by means of their music. That is exactly what they do on their recent 2-song ‘Demo’ effort too, which we have streaming here or you can go HERE where it’s currently available as an NYP (Name Your Price) item.

What you’re going to get are two cuts, “Guilt Trip” and “Last Night“, which are very stripped down and aggressively raw. Wohlrob really describes it best when he says it’s “Very different, more Motörhead meets Black Flag, but if played by Fu Manchu“.

That really nails it as END OF HOPE serves up a barrage of punk-fueled, hardcore-tinged, W.F.O., metallic fuzz rock and roll. They hit you with a dizzying battery of ripping guitar, brash bass, and explosive drumming as the half-shouted vocals do their thing.

This is what we need right now too, something devoid of over-polished, studio-sheen, and gimmickry. Come subject yourself to the END OF HOPE Demo and you can catch them live at these upcoming gigs:

May 4 – @ Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn, N.Y.
June 14 – @ The Kingsland, Brooklyn, N.Y.
July 29 – @ Lucky 13 Saloon, Brooklyn, N.Y.

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