BOGHAUNTER ‘Writhe’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

BOGHAUNTER has arrived to introduce listeners to what a revolutionary approach to playing doom music can sound like.

When most folks hear terms like “sludge” or “funeral doom”, they instantly think of some slow, resonating, repetitive low end-heavy emission. That’s because in most cases, that is exactly what you get with many of today’s doom playing bands.

Thankfully, such is not the case here, no, as BOGHAUNTER – Logan Magnon (drums, vocals), Michael Demers (guitar, vocals) and Joshua Kelley (bass) – have something altogether different in mind. On the 2-song ‘Writhe‘ EP, the trio injects truly emotive, stirring passages into their music. It evokes feeling when you hear its haunting, hypnotic contents lingering upon the airwaves and within your head.

The beautifully somber state of sonic etherealness captured in the first song here, the 15-minute + “Constellation Vows“, is impossible to forget. Slowly meandering with expansive atmospherics that are mostly serene, yet sometimes chaotically discharged, the number makes a powerful impression. Also worth mentioning are the dually-delivered vocals that alternate between raspy, harsh black metal-ish ones and softly uttered cleans.

Second song, “Ordeals In Stillness“, takes on a much different tone than its predecessor right from the start. Darker, heavier, and more aggressive, like a lumbering behemoth of metallic fortitude. The song features guest vocals from producer Eric Sauter. The funeral-y organs inserted at times only adds to the strength of this nearly 10 minute long track, my favorite of the two here.

BOGHAUNTER will have you bent out of shape with their ‘Writhe‘ EP, which will see physical release on May 4th from Seeing Red Records. Currently, the digital format is available for streaming in this review or you can go HERE where it is an NYP (Name Your Price) item at this time.

It is my opinion that you cannot go wrong with this one, as BOGHAUNTER are here to manifest music worthy to condemn ones soul to.

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