VESSEL OF LIGHT Shares Further ‘Woodshed’ Album Details

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

After last month’s announcement of a sophomore album release [HERE] and video premiere from 2017’s duo VESSEL OF LIGHT, we have some updates.

VESSEL OF LIGHT, the band that features Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisdom) and Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non-Fiction, The Cursed), reveal the cover artwork and track-list of their highly anticipated sophomore release.

Woodshed‘ is its title and it will arrive on CD/LP/DD formats from Argonauta Records on September 21st. Both Nathan and Dan shared commentary about these latest events from their band, Opposition stated the following about the new album’s theme:

Woodshed is a twisted plot involving a torturer and his numerous victims, his devious plan to kill in the name of God, and the mental breakdown that follows. The consequences of murderous actions that tell a tale of ritualistic sacrifice, homicide/ suicide, offerings to “the holy Lord”, and the truth behind the lies of reality. The content is dark and cold. A drugged out murder spree by a man haunted by the voices of the dead.

Lorenzo adds: “Woodshed is a title that has intrigued me for a while now. I consider myself a songwriter more than a true musician. I know serious musicians will say they are ‘woodshedding’ or practicing a lot. In the winter when it’s cold out in New Jersey, I definitely pick up a guitar more than I do in the summer..not to ‘practice’, but to write new music. The woodshed in American culture has traditionally been a place where someone goes to work on something often secretly. In the old days it might be where a parent goes to give their child a beating. Sometimes the woodshed could be used to hide nefarious things that nobody is supposed to find out about. Nathan took this concept and created lyrical genius. It’s fucking dark as hell man.

Anticipation for the new album is already quite high after the spectacular success of the 2017 self-titled debut from VESSEL OF LIGHT. The artwork for ‘Woodshed‘ was created by renowned Italian artist Marco Castagnetto ( who brought Dan and Nathan’s ideas and vision to artistic manifestation as you can see.

Check out the album’s first single, “Son Of Man“, streaming below.

01. Woodshed
02. Part Of My Plan
03. A Love So True
04. Son Of Man
05. Watching The Fire
06. Beyond The Cellar Door
07. One Way Out
08. Man’s Sin
09. Day Of Rest
10. End It All
11. Pray For A Cure

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