RUNESCARRED (Former Dead Earth Politics / Southern Front Members) Reveal Debut EP Details; Teaser Video + Live Dates

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Austin, Texas’ RUNESCARRED, the new band of former Dead Earth Politics and Southern Front folks, have unveiled details and info on their upcoming debut.

The band will independently issue the “We Are” EP on June 29, a groove-infused 15 minutes of pure, undiluted Lone Star State metal. Rising out of the ashes of those former projects, RUNESCARRED are poised and ready to make their mark.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by James Gelber in vocalist (and now feature film director) Ven Scott‘s home studio, the “We Are” EP is an exercise in sonic aggression. Ven had this to say about these events:

We knew what we were doing when we put Dead Earth Politics to rest. There was no question of direction, zero hesitation. It was time to let the stubborn sun set so it could be reborn and cast more striking and wicked shadows across the face of an already battle-scarred genre. Personally, this album captures a multitude of emotions. I feel like twelve years in Dead Earth Politics was a path cut into a road that was meant to lead here. A three song E.P. may seem like a blip to many, but to me this is a victory cry. A ‘fuck you’ to any and all who tried or will try to impede our growth.”

He continues: “This was completely a DIY process – front to back. Certain elements sucked up our money for worthless endeavors in the past year, so we hadn’t the luxury to reach out to our producer, Taz Osterhouse, from the last three DEP albums. Instead, my little brother, axe-man for Nevada-based heavy metal staple Hemlock, and studio powerhouse, James Gelber, stepped up to the plate. We had many discussions on how we would address this, decided on D.I. drums (since drm replacement would be happening no matter what), cardboard box vocal booths, and a whole bunch of heads butting into walls. The end result fucking kills.

Check out the teaser snippet of new music from RUNESCARRED below along with a list of imminent live dates from the band. They include the first-ever live performance of RUNESCARRED at SkunkFest 2018!

Ven Scott – Vocals
Tim Driscoll – Guitar
Josh Robins – Bass
Payton Holekamp – Drums

Track Listing:
1. This Is Mine
2. A Darker Man
3. Ghost Ocean

On a related note, RIFF RELEVANT recently reported on Ven Scott‘s branching out into the horror film realm with his directorial debut, “Date From Hell” Read more about that HERE.


6/30 – Austin, TX @ Come And Take It Live (SKUNKFEST 2018 / RUNESCARRED live debut)
7/6 – San Antonio, TX @ The Mix
7/7 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Black Monk Tavern
7/20 – Lake Charles, LA @ My Place American Pub
7/21 – Meterie, LA @ Babylon
8/24 – Odessa, TX @ Gabby Doo Saloon
8/25 – San Angelo, TX @ Deadhorse
9/21 – Harlingen, TX @ The Hop Shop

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