VALHALLA LIGHTS Issue “World On Fire” & “Someday” Official Videos:

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From the small surfing community of Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia comes the incredible VALHALLA LIGHTS.

The band is well upon its way with breaking into the U.S. heavy music underground with the recent first-time North American release of ‘My Gracious Highway‘. The album was originally released in 2016 but has garnered new life thanks to its presence in an expanded market.

The revival for this fantastic album shall be even further bolstered by the release of not one but two new official videos from VALHALLA LIGHTS, “World On Fire” and “Someday“. The diversity of the two tracks, in comparison to one another, provide perfect examples for why VALHALLA LIGHTS are such an alluring band.

The misty, psych-infused alt. rock of “World On Fire” and the amped-up, riff-driven “Someday” are streaming below for your viewing pleasure.

My Gracious Highway is available for purchase HERE.

Ange Saul (vocals)
George Christie (guitar)
Brent “Badger” Crysell (bass)
Deon Driver (drums)



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