AGHASURA Shares ‘Revelations’ EP Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

USDM unit AGHASURA has just released their six-song ‘Revelations‘ EP (May 18th) through Transcending Records.

The collection of compositions yields a bludgeoning battery of pummeling heaviness. You can discover that for yourself by delving into our stream of it in the Soundcloud embed below.

Thematic currents on the EP are quite intriguing too, tackling the practice of many folks placing their “faith” in science as some type of be-all, end-all absolute. This is something that songwriter/guitarist Dan Long further elaborates on, saying:

The primary themes and concepts of this EP revolve around the idea that it is fashionable today to put our faith in science as god. I say ‘faith’ because most have limited actual scientific knowledge and are therefore often naive to the limitations of science. Some of these people condemn religion and see faith in God as reprehensible, yet they themselves often have little working knowledge of even the fundamentals of science or math. I work in a scientific profession, so I am always aware of the limitations of science. To quote one of my favorite movies, ‘A Dark Song,’ I believe that ‘science explains the least of things.’ New data emerge all the time demonstrating how limited the scope of our scientific understanding is, and to assume that science is the infallible path is laughable. The message is to be humble and to understand that the ‘god’ science requires as much faith as anything else.

AGHASURA‘s ‘Revelations‘ EP is available for purchase now at THIS LOCATION.

Eric Gill – Bass
Metal Jim Bush – Vocals
Dan Long – Guitar, Songwriting
Paul Ozz – Vocals, Drum Programming, Mixing/Production

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