MYSTIC SONS S/T Album Review & Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From Switzerland, it comes, driven by fuzzy riffs, syrupy rhythms, and bluesy, throaty vocals… yes, it is MYSTIC SONS and its self-titled album!

Consisting of seven songs, this S/T studio recording from Bochat (Guitar / Vocal), Tibo (Drums), and Cagoule (Bass) is a hazy heavy hitter of captivating rock and roll. Chock full of retro undercurrents, the trio weaves an enticing tapestry of southern threading in their desert/stoner rock quilt of slow-burning sonic comfort.

From the smoldering tones of the start-up song, “Intro“, and its massively chunky guitars, this ride begins. This instrumental beginning sets the bar high but it is safe to say that MYSTIC SONS are up to the challenge. That fact is fast ignited, then seared into your skull, with the fiery intent of “Mephistopheles“. Like Faust, you might find yourself tempted also… provoked to repeat this selection several more times, that is!

From the wispy winds of the scorching output of “California Desert” to the blustery, psyche-bolstered Delta Blues of “Leather Apron“, there is one soul-jarring song after another. Once you get a taste of the gradually pulsating pomp of “Brown Sugar“, with its trippy, reverberating emissions and sudden stir-ups, you couldn’t turn this off if you tried.


With the one-two pummeling of the last two tracks, “Save Your Soul” and “Black Ritual“, it should be sinking in that you’ve just experienced one hella magnificent debut record. It will arrive on June 1st, the same night that MYSTIC SONS will play an album release show at Sunset Bar in their home base of Martigny [INFO].

You can stream “Mephistopheles” now via the official video premiere of the title track or head over to the pre-order for the album at THIS LOCATION. The release will be available in CD and Vinyl format (Orange Limited Edition – 100 copies), as well as in digital.



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