Ripple Music Signs LIGHTNING BORN (C.O.C., Demon Eye, Bloody Hammers, Etc. Members); Returning To MARYLAND DOOM FEST This Month

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

What do you get when you take some musicians from such notable acts as Corrosion Of Conformity, Demon Eye, Bloody Hammers, Hour Of 13, The Hell No, etc., and unite them in one band setting?

The answer: LIGHTNING BORN, a North Carolinian act containing some of the best musicians that the underground – and beyond – has to offer. The quartet has just announced they’ve signed on with Ripple Music for their upcoming 2018 EP release, one produced by the band’s own Mike Dean.

As for the origins of LIGHTNING BORN, it all began when drummer Doza Hawes (Mega Colossus, Bloody Hammers, Hour Of 13) recruited vocalist Brenna Leath to the project after seeing a performance with her regular band, The Hell No. Hawes elaborated on how events unfolded from there:

I  really  dug  her  vocals,  and  wanted  to  see  what  she  could  do  in  a  more  traditional,  classic  rock  and  blues-inspired  kind  of  framework.

As for guitarists? Hawes continues: “I  immediately  thought  of  Erik  Sugg  from  Demon  Eye. He  writes  great  riffs,  but  also  crafts  excellent  songs.  I  thought  his  darker,  doom  influence  would  be  a  perfect  fit  for  Brenna.

The  trio  clicked  on  Erik’s  riff  ideas.  Meanwhile,  Brenna  was  finishing  up  a  Hell  No  album,  produced  by  C.O.C.’s  Mike  Dean.  She  invited  Dean  to  join  the  group  on  bass,  and  the  chemistry  was  apparent.

It’s  not  every  day  that  you  get  to  pick  your  dream  line  up  of  musicians  to  start  a  band.  This  is  the  easiest  songwriting  process,  us  all  together,  that  I’ve  ever  had.  The  songs  just  pop  out  almost  instantly,” says Hawes.

Soon, LIGHTNING BORN were playing live, making their stage debut in Raleigh, N.C. in 2016. From there, the band played the 2017 edition of the prestigious Maryland Doom Festival and have been invited to return for this month’s Fourth Annual MDDF 2018 – sponsored by Riff Relevant.

Excitement is high for this second appearance, as well as that soon arriving debut EP from LIGHTNING BORN and Ripple Music. Riff Relevant will bring you coverage of both in the weeks ahead.

Until that time, check out the 2017 Beginnings Demo from LIGHTNING BORN – streaming here or you can head over to Bandcamp [HERE] and snag it as an NYP (Name Your Price) item currently.

For more information, along with details, tickets and more, on The MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2018 visit HERE.


Mike  Dean  –  Bass
Erik  Sugg  –  Guitar
Doza  Hawes  –  Drums

Brenna  Leath  –  Vocals

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